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    nulls in calculated dimension

      Been stuck on this issue for some time now. Trying to use the following calculated dimension and getting different results in development vs. web-based access. Need to place folks into various buckets based on blood pressure tests:


      In the development environment, I am getting the people who should be in the no results bucket forced into a column with a null heading. On the web-based side, all of these people are correctly placed, with no one showing up as null in the calculated dimension. They both use the same data, dimensions, and expressions in the object. Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?


      =if(isnull(Diastolic) or isnull(Systolic),dual('No Results',4),

      if(Diastolic<80 and Systolic<120,Dual('Normal < 120/80',1),

      if(Diastolic>89 or Systolic>139,Dual('Hypertension >=140/90',3),Dual('Prehypertension 120/80 - 139/89',2))))