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    Copy/ Paste not working again

      Hi All,


      I know this is not a new problem but I cannot figure out why the Copy - Paste functionality does not work in QlikView PE (Edit Script window). I have tried all the possible alternatives like 1. CTRL- C, CTRL- V , 2. Using the buttons on the top of the script editor tab. 3. Copying into a notepad and then into QlikView.


      The only thing that seems to work atleast 50% is the third option where I can copy from script editor to notepad but not from notepad to the editor.


      Please help me out if anyone of you have found the solution to this rather intriguing and frustrating problem. Mods please address this problem.


      Technical Details:

      1.Running Windows 7 Professional with 8GB RAM on Intel Core i3

      2.QlikView x64 Personal edition 11 (downloaded recently - 3/5/2013)

      3. I dont think this is that important but, I am using an external mouse (USB) connected to my laptop.

      4. Running MS .NET 4 Framework.