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    Introduce a field calculated with a variable into a LOAD statement

    Friedrich Hofmann



      this seems like something pretty straightforward - but it doesn't work, so it cannot be that straightforward...

      I define a variable (a numeric value) on the "Main" tab of my script. On another tab, I want to introduce into a LOAD statement (from a qvd) a new field calculated from


      the sum of two fields from the table I am just loading (both of which are numeric values) multiplied with that numeric variable.

      When I try that, I keep getting the script error message that a closing bracket is missing - but the bracketing is correct. I've checked it. In the error message, the variable is already neatly resolved, so that's all right.


      Can anybody give me a hint here, there must be something one has to keep in mind when using variables that I missed.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,