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    Return single string

      Hi all,


      I have a Customer field, which contains a proper name, for example 'Sony', which has a duplicate, yet different name in the same field, example

      'Sony      123a'. I'd like to strip out the 123a and just return the 'Sony', or at least the first record.


      Is there any function that could remove or delete the remaining characters after 'Sony'


      Thank you

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          Nirav Bhimani



          Try this syntax it will give you output as you want.


          =subfield(PurgeChar('Sony      123a',chr(39)),' ')



          Nirav Bhimani

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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            There are lots of ways that probably all won't work.


            left(Customer,4) will return 'Sony'. But this always picks the first 4 characters


            If(left(Customer,4)='Sony','Sony',Customer) will only change Customers that start with Sony to 'Sony'. But it will leave other (duplicate) Customers alone.


            subfield(Customer,' ',1) as Customer will return the string before the first space. If you have Customers with a space in their regular name this won't work.


            left(Customer,index(Customer,' ',-1)-1) wil return everything before the last space.


            If all that doesn't work you can try using wildcard mapping. But for that you have to identify the duplicates anyway.


            Maybe you need to buy a data cleansing tool. Such tools are created to do things like this.