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    IE plugin problem on first opening / performance problem (partly solved)

      PROBLEM 1: We upgraded our internal environment to a new server using Windows Server 2008 and QlikView 9. Before, using QV 8.5 and Windows Server 2003, the opening of QV documents through the IE plugin lasted only several seconds. Using ou new server the opening of a QV document by IE plugin takes more than 30 seconds! It does not matter how big the document is, even the standard QlikView demos take more than 30 seconds to open. If you open another document in the same IE window, the opening is very fast again.

      SOLUTION: Turn off the local firewall on the QlikView Server system.

      PROBLEM 2: Anothing thing I noticed is that when you try to open a document the first time after you turned on your local system, a page not found error is shown, after refresh or a second try the document is opened.

      Does anyone have some suggestions what I can try to fix the second problem?