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    Google map issues

    christian juillard

      Hi everybody,


      I finally found a doc (How Qliktech uses Qlikview - google maps)  but from June 2009 which enlighted a bit but not enough.

      The doc says variables have not to be touched, so i didn't.

      I even loaded a google map API key. But is it really useful to do that because i saw other examples without it?


      If you take a look at the doc, you'll see teh map doesn't show data but if i select a city it will show at the top right angle a part of a bubble.


      So who can explain,

      How to set a dynamic google map with 5 zoom levels?

      Why when i use .qar, it doesn't work and shwos up an error message (WebView mode is ON)

      Can i get somewhere a .qar file with all countries? Or do i have to build my own?

      Is it possible to integrate .mif ?


      thank you for your help

      best regards