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    Buffer(Incremental) Load Issue

      Hi, I am new to Qlikview and am trying to make a incremental load from a csv file. But every time I reload, the last entry from the file is missing. If I load normally, everything works fine. Anyone has encountered the same problem? I assume I got some basic concept wrong but I just couldn't find an answer in this forum. Any help will be appreciated


        • Buffer(Incremental) Load Issue
          Darius Pranskus



          Would you include the actual CSV file and your script?




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              Hi Darius,


                   I have attached my csv file here. It's just a simple file with 2 lines.  My script is as follows:



                   @1 as Country,

                   @2 as State



              (txt, codepage is 936, no labels, delimiter is ',', msq);



              Xue Bin

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                  Trey Bayne

                  Incremental load is looking at file size. That file size is stored in the xml header of the qvd. Looking at the .csv file you've sent, Windows doesn't recognize a difference in size when you add one line of data with two columns. QVD's might store more granular data. You can check the size of the QVD using the FileSize('path_to_filename') function.


                  Something else I noticed, you have a comma and then a space in you second line in your .csv. It seems that your second column isn't being recognized as a column. Try taking out the space in front of KL and try again.

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                      Hi Trey,


                           Thank you for your pointer. I finally found out the problem. Qlikview seems to count the number of entries by carriage returns. Previously in my country.csv there was two lines but only one carriage return. After appending one extra carriage return at the end of my csv file, I am able to solve the problem.



                      Xue Bin