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    Does Qlikview have an equivalent of VB's SUB

      Sorry, I'm reasonably new to Qlikview, this is probably a very common question.....

      I have inherited a dashboard which has to load in data from about 12 files where the format is identical.

      There are 12 large LOAD constructs, where the only difference is the filename of the file they import from and a value inserted into one of the columns.


      If I was doing this in VBA, I'd create a SUB item to do this which would take in 2 parameters, one being the filename, the other being the value to put into the "Source Table" column.


      Instead, the Qlikview script is much longer, having the same code 12 times.


      Is there a way to introduce a SUB into Qlikview?


      I asked this question in a training session recently, but I didn't formulate it very well and didn't understand the answer.