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    Hide Script Execution Progress Window

    Simon Brown

      I'm trying to automate a reload of the Qv file via vbscript, to no avail so far. In the meantime I have built a button to do so - I would like to hide the Script Execution window while the file updates. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how?


      Many Thanks,



        • Hide Script Execution Progress Window

          Sorry, I am not aware of this - Would be nice though so if it is possible I would love to see it/use it.

          Posting to bump this.

          • Hide Script Execution Progress Window
            Carlos Duque


            I'm trying not to show the Script Execution Progress Window or if i can hide the script that would be fine too

            this function does not seem to work for me (maybe I'm not using it in the right place).

            Use the function ReloadEx ( ErrorMode , ProgressMode ) where ErrorMode=0 and ProgressMode=1.

            also if i hide the script it ask me for a password ever time that I want to reload so that's not going to work.

            please let me know if there's any other ideas or if I'm doing something wrong.

            thank you !!!

              • Hide Script Execution Progress Window
                Simon Brown

                John - I had success with this by placing as part of a module as below (I did not use it in the load script):

                Sub RefreshData


                ActiveDocument.ReloadEx 0,1

                End Sub



                Hope this helps!

                  • Hide Script Execution Progress Window
                    Carlos Duque


                    what do I do after I add it to "Edit Module"? I save it and reload but i still see the script execution window.

                    how are you reloading? do you have it schedule or when it opens?

                    thanks for helping!




                      • Hide Script Execution Progress Window
                        Simon Brown

                        Hi John - yes you have to edit the module. However, if you just reload you are not calling the procedure in module. You need to use a trigger of some type to call the module and run the macro to kick off the reload. I ended up creating two identical sheets and then using a variable to change the condition of the sheet being visible, in essence switching back and fourth between the two sheets every 30 seconds. I then used a trigger (OnLeaveSheet) to kick off the procedure to reload.

                        The variables I used were) :

                        vChange =If(vSecond <30,2)

                        vSecond =Second(now())

                        Conditional Sheet view:

                        VChange=1 & vChange=2 respectively


                        OnLeaveSheet, select Run Macro and select RefreshData from the module.




                  • Re: Hide Script Execution Progress Window
                    Wei Wang

                    Not sure if this is the best way to revive this thread, but I am in the same boat trying to find a way to hide the script execution progress dialog with no success.


                    There are a couple other threads I could find on this forum discussing the same topic, but neither of them has any answer either. This thread seems to be closest to the end state, so I am replying there.





                    Based on this thread, it seems that at some point in time in the past, ReadLoadEx(0, 1) allowed script to be reloaded without showing the progress dialog. However, it does not work for me (I am using 11.2 SR2).


                    I've tried a couple of different approaches-

                    1. In my .NET host app, I am calling ReadLoadEx



                                axQlikOCX1.ActiveDocument.ReloadEx(0, 1);


                    This has no impact on the progress dialog. The dialog still pops up, and the best I can do is to hide my script int he hidden secript section, so nothing is displayed inside the dialog. Not a pretty solution for me.


                    2. I created the following macro and wired it to OnOpen trigger.


                    sub RefreshData

                    ActiveDocument.ReloadEx 0, 1

                    end sub


                    Upon opening the qvw file, the progress dialog still showed up. (Although I did notice that this time, on the progress dialog, none of the buttons at the bottom was shown. I was able to replicate this behaivor in my first approach, by setting the SuppressScriptProgressButtons property in my .NET host app.)


                    Any help would be greatly appreciated.