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    doubts about apply map

    vikas mahajan

      Dear all

      here apply map allows us to take one primary key and value while loading data into qlikview for e.g following code


      mapping load * inline [

      ID, Textvalue

      1, one

      2, two

      3, three ] ;


      ApplyMap ( 'map1', 1, 'xxx' ) It will return 'one'

      ApplyMap ( 'map1', 2 ) It will return 'two'

      ApplyMap ( 'map1', 4 ) It will return 4

      ApplyMap ( 'map1', 5, 'No result' ) It will returns No result



      But whether it is possible to put composite key in while loading applymap  for e.g    I have field  SalesGrp+HQID

      and its targets then whether it is possible to load with composite key (salesgrp+hqid) in apply map ?



      Thanks in adv.