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    Concatenation(?) of 2 fact tables with mixed granularity

    Peter Schulz

      I tried to concatenate 2 Fact tables but it seems to be a bit tricky. I've read several documents from Henric(perhaps thats why the title sounds like this) but it drives me crazy and won't work. :-(


      I hope that there is somebody out there who can help me with the concatenation. See the attached sample files or my description. I created some simple data, the reality sadly is a "bit" more complex.


      Description in short:

      Table1 - has orders and dates


      Order no
      Start DateEnd Date




      Table2 - some kind of sub-orders(dont know how to call it correctly in english)


      Order noSub-Order no.Start DateEnd Date


      and so on like this.


      Finally it should look like this:


      Order noSub-Order no.Start DateEnd Date


      In my sample file I added some flag files for the final table, to make life easier in charts etc. but the concatenation is my main problem.

      I think a key  like "Order no¦Sub-Order no." or "10001¦0" would be neccessary too.



      I appreciate any help.