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    Parking lot, peak pr. day

      Dear sirs


      I administer a parking lot, and I wish to measure the max/min usage pr. day/hour etc.

      For now I have constructed a table that counts how many cars have parked in a certain time interval (15 mins)


      the formula for this is sum(count) and Period is the dimension



      So - I can measure the no of cars parked on any given time.


      Now i wish to create a chart that shows (with the date as the X-axis)

      - average no of parked cars in every 15 min interval throuhout the day

      - max of parked cars during the day (pr. 15 min interval)

      - min of parked cars during the day


      I have some trouble contruction the formulas for this. Can anyone throw a lifeline?


      Thanks in advance.