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    Last Date by Time Hierarchical Group

    Alex Lo

      Hey, What's up?


      I get a problem, I have a time hierarchical group (Year, Month, Day) where I hace clients accounts, when I see them daily it shows correctly how it close at the end of the day adding the amounts of the accounts by client, but when I wanna see them monthly it adds all the amounts of all the account of all the days of the month and I just wanna the sum of the amount of the last day of the month. It happens the same way when i wanna see them annually.




      Date          Client           Account   Amount   

      29/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10015     1,000.00

      29/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10030     3,000.00

      30/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10015     1,500.00

      30/11/2012    Alberto Rojas    10030     4,500.00


      What I wanna see when I select daily is:


      Fecha          Cliente          Total

      29/11/2012     Alberto Rojas    4,000.00

      30/11/2012     Alberto Rojas    6,000.00



      And Monthly is:


      Fecha          Cliente          Total

      30/11/2012     Alberto Rojas    6,000.00


      I was trying to do it with If(IsNull(NombreMes), Sum({<[Fin Mes] = {'S'}>} Monto), Sum(Monto))


      I hope you can help me.