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    Problem with passing variable from bat file to macro in qlikview

      Hi there,


      I'm having a problem with passing a variable from a bat file to a macro in qlikview. It functioned before but somehow it refuses to take the variable from the command line. My bat file looks like this:


      "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe" /vTestBatch=1 "C:\QlikViewData\Develop\Test Bat file.qvw"


      My macro like this:


      sub TestBat
      if vTestBatch = 1 then
      end if

      End Sub


      I put a trigger on opening. I keep getting the msgbox with the message fail. Can anybody help me on this one. How does the passing of the variable exactly work? Does the variable have to be present in the document and does the bat file set it or does the bat file create it even if it doesn't exists?


      In general I would like some more info on the use of bat file and command line specifications. Is there a place where I can find this?



      Thanks in advance!