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    Set analysis IF Statement syntax

    Bradley Coyne

      hi. i have the following scenario


      • Itemnumber
      • ItemstatusToday = 1,2,6,7
      • Currency = USD, EUR
      • Purchase Price


      The business rule states when  Item Status is 6 or 7 show the Purchase Price in USD for the article number.


      I have the following statement however it requires that an article number is selected to work otherwise it is blank.


      this means i need to use set analysis, but i am unable to get the syntax right.


      below is my code today.


      sum(if(ItemstatusToday =6 or ItemstatusToday =7 and C = 'USD',POPrice)


      and with the attempt of set analysis below;


      sum(if(ItemstatusToday =6 or ItemstatusToday =7 and C = 'USD',)),

      $<Itemnumber= {Itemnumber}>} POPrice



      any help would be greatly appreciated.