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    Comparing two dimension to determine chart data

    Steve Zagzebski

      I have the following data:


      Group IDGroup NameAcct Orig Eff DateMembersRenewal MthPremium1Premium2Premium3
      AAAAAA Name20130701773,7083,7080
      BBBBBB Name20130701275205200
      CCCCCC Name20120101271,0671,09528
      CCCCCC Name20120101271,0961,12429
      CCCCCC Name20120101371,6851,72944
      CCCCCC Name20120101472,9212,99877
      CCCCCC Name201201012745246412



      I need to filter on groups where the month in the Acct Orig Eff Date field equals the renewal month AND the year is the max year. So in the case above group id AAA and BBB each have the month of "07" (7 in the case of renewal month) AND the the year is 2013  - the max of the years. So AAA and BBB would NOT be included in the chart.


      What is the most efficient way to filter on the above?

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          Manas BN



          If you have access to the script on the backend, you can use a preceding load to create another field. It will contain GroupID itself but only for those records which do not have Year = max(Year) and Month = Renewal Month.


          Check the code and the result below:



          Load *,

          //If year is max and month is same as renewal month, field will be null, else it will be GroupID

            if ( left(AcctOrigEffDate,4)=Year(today()) and mid(AcctOrigEffDate,5,2)=RenewalMth,

            null(), GroupID) as RelevantGroupID

          Inline [

          GroupID, GroupName, AcctOrigEffDate, Members, RenewalMth, Premium1, Premium2, Premium3

          AAA, AAA Name, 20130701, 7, 7, 3708, 3708, 0

          BBB, BBB Name, 20130701, 2, 7, 520, 520, 0

          CCC, CCC Name, 20120101, 2, 7, 1067, 1095, 28

          CCC, CCC Name, 20120101, 2, 7, 1096, 1124, 29

          CCC, CCC Name, 20120101, 3, 7, 1685, 1729, 44

          CCC, CCC Name, 20120101, 4, 7, 2921, 2998, 77

          CCC, CCC Name, 20120101, 2, 7, 452, 464, 0