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    Basic Variable Creation

      Hi all,


      I've got an extremely basic question around creating a variable based on a field value.


      Field name = Store_Group

      Possible values = Group X, Group Y, Group Z


      How can I create a variable to only display Store_Group where the value = Group X?


      Basically I have a few charts that will be pre-filtered for report users.


      Many thanks,



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          Kaushik Solanki



               Instead of variable, you can use the Set Analysis to filter the data in the charts.


               Anyways, in your scenario, you want variable name to be Group X or you want that variable to hold the value Group X?



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Stefan Wühl

            Not sure if you need a QV variable here, wouldn't the variable just hold 'Group X' then?


            If you want to filter a chart permanently, you can either create a calculated dimension


            =if(Store_Group = 'Group X', Store_Group)


            and Suppress NULL on dimension tab.


            Or use a set expression in all your expression aggregation functions, for example


            =sum({<Store_Group = {'Group X'}>} Value)

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              Sudeep Mahapatra

              If you just wanted your charts to show Store_Group='GroupX' then you can use set analysis in the chart expression.

              sum({<Store_Group={'Group X'}>}amount ) or

              if you want this to be a default value in the Store_Group filter box so that when user logs in they will see this by default and they can select another value of Store_Group from the filter box if they want. for this you can use Trigger Action (Select in Field) and you can have a Clear button created which will have the Select in Field action of Store_Group field as the Group X so that when users hit clear button the value goes back to default value.

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                Tresesco B

                If your variable is static(only one possible value), then you can directly store the string in the variable or use that string in place of the variable directly.If variable, then like:

                vVariable='Group X'

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                  Hi Dave,



                    Use the GetFieldselection() function. it gives you the selection of the field value.


                    Declare a varaible


                     Ex : $(V1)=Getfieldselection(Fieldname) and then give it a layout condition $(V1)=Group X then it displays whenever the varaible having GroupX.

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                    Thanks all, lots of useful suggestions.