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    Calculate Median

      Hello all,


      I am having hard time to calculate median time using expressions. I need to put some specific criteria in place for getting my median value.


      Here is what I am trying to do:

      Referral id        *RFI date      *RFI Response Date        RFI date – RFI Response                  SUM

      101                  Mar 10        Mar11                                              1                                     1

      102                  Feb 5          Feb 7                                               2                                 

      102                  Apr 3          Apr 5                                                2                                     4

      104                  Jun 4          Jun 7                                                3                                     3


      At the end median = {1,3,4}=3


      * RFI date: Request for information

      * RFI Response Date: Information sent back


      Based on this example I get number of days between RFI Date and RFI Response Date and I get sum of these dayes per referral.

      My problem is I don't know how to calculate the SUM group by referrals as an expression without changing the data model.


      I appreciate if you share your exprience on that.


      Thank you,