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    Tip:  Quick and dirty method to allow anonymous access to apps

      I ran into the following problem when setting up a QV server.  I was unable to allow anonymous users to see any applications, but all authenticated users were.

      I couldn't find the solution on QlikCommunity either so I thought I'd share here.


      First, go to the Management Console -> System ->Setup -> QlikView Servers-> Security.  Click the button for "DMS authorization".


      Next, go to Documents -> User Documents -> <name of the app> -> Authorization.


      Click on the green + button, and set access to "All Users".


      You have to do that for each and every app you want anonymous access to.


      Good luck!


      Keep in mind this is for a simple "sandbox" deployment.  I don't speak for the proper way to do this with Server/Publisher, fancy enterprise deployments.