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    how to store username in variable?



      I just started with QlikView, and there are a lot of Questions, I hope someone can help me:


      I have installed QlikView Desktop Version 10, and I want to influence which user is allowed to see wich Objects.

      Since I have no Server-Version, I have to do it with variables.


      I created a hidden script as follows:


      Section Access;


      LOAD * INLINE [


          ADMIN, bjoern, neoliv

          USER, test1, test1

          USER, test2, test2


      Section Application;


      Now I want to store the User-ID in a varable, which I can use in the "Show - Conditional" area of the different objects.


      My Problem is, that I do not know, how I can store the user-ID in such a variable.


      Can anybody help?


      Or is there another way to control, which user can see which objects (without Server-Version)?


      Thanks and best regards,