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    Excel "No Calculation" Pivot Feature in QlikView?



      I'm actually working with a pivot table and I'm trying to display it Excel-like in QlikView.


      Here is a screenshot of the pivot table in Excel:



      I'm now trying to build it up similarly in QlikView, so that for monthly basis the numbers will get summed up and if I aggregate them to a quarterly level, I want the pivot table to show the last monthly-value of the specific quarter. E.g. for Q2 FY13 I need to display the sum of values for Apr-13 (in this case 657). Same goes for quarter and year aggregation.


      In excel you can simply state "No Calculation" and then it's doing it the way shown above, but I can't find a way to do it with QlikView.


      Does anyone has an idea on how to do it?


      Any help is appreciated very much.


      Kind regards,