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    .shared file

    Leni Balakrishnan

      Hi All,


      I am currently facing an issue. I have explained the issue in detail below.


      There is one application which I have distributed to the accesspoint based on company (i.e., it is distributed like XXX AE, XXX APAC, XXX EMEA, XXX Global & so on). In this only XXX EMEA and XXX Global files alone shows like "No Preview available" image in Accesspoint portal. When we tried to open the application it throws an error "File corrupted".


      I have checked in forum and got few solutions like "Delete files (.qvw,.meta & .shared) in accesspoint folder & distribute again". But still the problem exists.


      As I deleted the shared files when I again distribute the files the shared file is not created again.


      Kindly help me to create the shared file for that application again and how to resolve the file corrupted error?


      Please help me in this.


      Awaiting for your solutions.



      Leni Balakrishnan