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    New objects alert for users

    Jaime Aguilar

      Hi everyone,

      I remember seeing this question somewhere else and I think this is not possible in QlikView. However, I recently came across this issue:


      Is it possible or is there some some workaround for dynamically let users know when a new object has been included in an app?


      I mean for example, if a developer just finished a new graph that was previously requested, instead of having to tell ever user that the change is already done, It would be great that next time users open the app they can see some kind of alert, highlighting, pop-up message or whatever that let them know that a new object has been added,


      Thanks in advance






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          Rebecca Molstad

          Here is an example I created using a QVD concatenation.  To use:


          1. Go to Edit Script and define vPathName as where you want your QVD stored and YourDoc as your file name.

          2. Uncomment the indented are between the /////////// on your first load. You will want to use an IF statement to load this as often as you want to reset your baseline objects (what counts as old vs new) so you don't have to load it manually.

          3. Reload the data

          4. Save the file

          5. Re-comment the indented are between the //////// and save your file.

          6. Create an Alert to pop-up ;On Opening' as in my attached example.


          You can customize the alert however you want, but I made it say 'X New Ojects Detected:' and the object IDs.


          Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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              Rebecca Molstad

              Also note that the Alert will only show objects that have been created prior to the last reload.  So if you add a new object and click Save on your system then re-open the file, the newly added object won't show.  You will have to reload the script for it to count as a new object.  This shouldn't be an issue at all, just FYI.

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                Jaime Aguilar

                I haven't thought of this solution/workaround, but this is a really good idea, I think is the best that can be done for this issue. Maybe adding a table indicating in which tab is located every new object would be useful.


                However, it would be really good to have a native feature where any new object added can be highlighted for a certain period of time


                Thanks a lot,