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    Governance Dashboard

      Hi all,

      This is my first Question posted and I am excited to join this community!


      Anyways I am trying to figure out if it is absolutely necessary to run QlikView Desktop on the same server as as the governance dashboard and if so can both be on a different server other than a production server?


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Carlos Reyes

          I think there's an app with that name, do you refer to that one?


          I don't know if my response will be obvious... perhaps I don't understand your question properly.


          Apps and QlikView Desktop are completely independant. You use QV Desktop in order to open and edit apps but it is not neccesary that both are together in the same machine, I mean, you could have the Governance app in the QlikView Server machine and QV Desktop doesn't have to be installed on that machine...

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              So the QlikView Governance Dashboard is only a app?

              I am understanding now form reading on that the answer to my question is yes the QlikView Desktop must be installed on the same server as QlikView Governance Dashboard for the Governance Dashboard to work.


              If we don't have QlikView Desktop installed on our production machine, the Governance Dashboard wont work for the production machine.

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                  Ivan Trayanov

                  If you have a licensed version of QlikView it does not mater where the app you want to open is coming from.

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                    Carlos Reyes

                    Yes, it is an app.


                    QV Desktop is the Windows client used to develop, edit and view QlikView apps, however apps are hosted in QlikView Server. So, in order to publish (to several users ) and view the Governance Dashboard (by web explorer) you need a QlikView Server, not QlikView Desktop.


                    You need the QV Server since the Governance Dashboard feeds from the log files that are created by the first. If you need to modify the Governance Dashboard app you'll need to use QV Desktop.


                    Of course, you can download the Governance Dashboard app and open it with QV Desktop, but it'll be useless (I think) until you reload that app with your QV Server information.

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                      Rob Wunderlich

                      Yes, QV Desktop is a prerequisite for the QGD. If you want to reload QGD as a scheduled server task, then you'll need to install QV Desktop on the Server.


                      An alternative is to install QGD on your desktop and point to the server folders from there.