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    RAM Usage

    Agnivesh Kumar

      I want to build a dashboard which contains charts which will show following:

      1.cpu uasge

      2.ram usage


      Suppose I have a qvd having size of 2gb.then how can I calculate ram uasge  and show it in my chart.

      i have found a calculation


      Ram=(Ramuser × No. users) + RAMinitial

      RAMinitial = QVWsizedisk × FileSizeMultiplier; this is the initial RAM footprint for any application

      RAMuser =〖RAMinitial × userRAMratio; this is the RAM each incremental user consumes

      = SourceData × (1 - CompressionRatio); this is the size, on disk, of a QlikView file



      but I don't know I can find all these values: