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    Replacing numbers with images in pivot table, but not totals

      I have a pivot tables with numbers that represent percentages (0,25,50,75,100). My totals are average of the percentages which might be a number with decimals. I use Show Partial sums option on the Presentation Tab

      and my expression is



      I want to replace cell's values with "Consumer Report" like circles. I do it with the if statement on the expression like:

      =if (Match([A],'100'),'qmem://Image Name/100',

      if (Match([A],'75'),'qmem://Image Name/75',

      if (Match([A],'50'),'qmem://Image Name/50',

      if (Match([A],'25'),'qmem://Image Name/25',

      if (Match([A],'0'),'qmem://Image Name/0')))))


      , but as soon as I do it the totals are also got replaced with images. How can I leave totals as  numbers?

      Any Ideas? Thank you