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    how to make the application accessible in web/local

      Hi All,
      I have completed the developing the qlikview application. Now i want that application to be accessible to users from browser. Can anyone help me about the steps to be followed to do the same. i,e let me what i need to install?? server or publisher or full client(Someone was telling me about this but i dont know what it is).

      Hope some will help me out for this.

        • how to make the application accessible in web/local
          Gustav Guldberg


          To be able to access QlikView documents via a browser, QlikView Server must be installed.

          If you have a QVS license, download QlikView Server 9 x86/x64 from qlik.com/download.
          See the manual for instructions on how to install and configure QVS.

          There are three clients you can use, Plugin (IE), Ajax or Java.



            • how to make the application accessible in web/local


              Thanks for your reply. We have only developer enabled license with us. We don't have server license. And by the way at the time of installation it should have asked for license key. Whereas in my installation it didn't such things. Any idea whats wrong going on?

              Just now i got to know what we didn't received the server license yet.

              Any trial version of server is available??? So that i can try the deployment part.