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    convert number to text

      i need to convert number to text


      Ex:Sum of Total =100


      but i nedd


      Sum of Total =One hundred


      am waiting for your reply with one any example

      Thank you

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          Stefan Wühl

          What about the proposed solutions in

          convert number to text


          Please don't open multiple threads with the exact same question.

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            Joseph Musekura

            Dear Sir,


            Check the use of DUAL in QlikView manual

            This could help to solve the issue



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                Joseph Musekura

                Here is the use of  Dual

                dual( s , x )

                Forced association of an arbitrary string representation s with a given number representation x. In QlikView, when several data items read into one field have different string representations but the same valid number representation, they will all share the first string representation encountered. This function can be used in scripts and chart expressions.

                In scripting, the dual function is typically used early in the script, before other data is read into the field concerned, in order to create that first string representation, which will be shown in list boxes etc.


                If a dual value is too large to fit in a field object, it will be represented by ## and not truncated with ... like a string.
                Example (scripting):

                load dual ( string,numrep ) as DayOfWeek inline

                [ string,numrep







                Sunday,6 ];

                load Date, weekday(Date) as DayOfWeek from afile.csv;


                The script example will generate a field DayOfWeek with the weekdays written in clear text. QlikView will for all purposes regard the field as a numeric field.