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    Calender with the help of varaibles help ?????

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      I'm having two variables named as vStartDate and vEndDate ,these two variables I'm calling in many expressions inside a pivot table , so that whenever a user set some value against Period From and Period To , pivot table will change according to the date range selection.


      Period From: vStartDate

      Period To : vEndDate



      Mentioned below is an expression example named Available time where I'm using both these two variables:


      Available Time: =sum(aggr(

      sum( {<PRI_CALENDAR_END={">=$(vStartDate)"}, PRI_CALENDAR_START={"<=$(vEndDate)"}>}

      Interval( if( PRI_CALENDAR_END > vEndDate, vEndDate, PRI_CALENDAR_END ) - if( PRI_CALENDAR_START < vStartDate, vStartDate, PRI_CALENDAR_START ) )




      Like Available time there are some 9-10 calculated pivot table expression where I'm using both these two variables.




      Requirement:   I want to create a simple calender with the help of these two variables (vStartDate & vEndDate) , something like below:





      Kindly help me how to reach to this kind of solution.