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    Use of Groups on different Server

    Rudolf Linder

      We have currently our security based on user login. our development server works with USERID while the UAT server works with


      On DEV we have Domain1\USER123

      On UAT we have Domain2\mustermann@company.com


      Now we want to change to security based on groups.

      We have 1 group "TESTGRP" whoch contains the User "Domain1\USER123"

      So in Section Access we define the group Domain1\TESTGRP


      Domain1\TESTGRP contains "Domain1\USER123"


      I have access to DEV and it works like planned.

      I donot have access to UAT and to send a test application is a huge effort.


      How the security should looks like for access to UAT.

      Should there be duplicates entries in the group? (USER123 = mustermann)





      or should there be two groups









      Thanks for every response!