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    How to publish the QVW file



        can u guide me on how to publish the QVW files into Qlikview Server.

      what are the steps we need to follow.




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          Peter Cammaert

          In short:

          1. Drop the QVWs that are to appear in the AccessPoint in the Document Root on the QlikView Server. To figure out what this Document Root is exactly, open QMC and navigate to System->Setup->Your QlikView Server->Folders. The Root Folder field shows the path to the Document Root.
          2. Now, assign rights to those documents. If your QVS is running in DMS-mode, open QMC and navigate to Documents->User Documents->select a doc from the tree->Authorization and add users that should have access. If your QVS is running in NTFS mode, assign correct NTFS Read rights for specific users to their documents using Windows Explorer, or - if you have a Publisher - let the Publisher do this for you by filling the Distribution list in the corresponding task.
          3. Assign CALs to all users that need access to QlikView Access Point: Named CALs for those that either have to access all or more than 4 documents. Document CALs for the others (if you have those).
          4. Let your users open a browser and navigate to http: // servername/qlikview/ (drop the spaces and replace servername with the name of your QVS server) The AP should open and every users should see thumbnails of documents to which you have granted access (either via NTFS or the Authorization tab)


          That's about it. But YMMV a little bit.