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    Task Priority in QMC



      Is it possible to assign priority levels to tasks in management console?


      e.g. Task A creates a QVD that 15-20 documents use as a data source. The successful completion of this task is a trigger to start the reload of the many report documents. Our max number of simultaneous QlikView engines for distribution is set to 4.


      We'd like to be able to control the order that these 15-20 tasks run (as only 4 can run simultaneously). We have some high priority documents that need to be distributed before the other lower priority documents. Can priorities be assigned?


      We've thought about chaining our tasks so that the lower priority tasks won't run until the high priority tasks have finished using triggers. This won't work perfectly though as some of the high priority tasks have other dependencies too, meaning we may be unnecessarily delaying documents that could be running.