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    Conditional Show for Objects fails on the Access Point documents - using IE Plugin

      We are experiencing problems with the Conditional Show property of sheet objects (pivot tables, line charts, multibox and list boxes) in which they are set to be visible based on the value of one or more fields in an 'island table'. The conditional show works fine on the develompent version .qvw, but has significant issues on the documents hosted on the Access Point (we use the IE Plugin).

      When you select a field which modifies which charts will be shown, and then you go to another tab, some of the sheet objects on that tab appear in strange locations or appear when they shouldn't (based on the Conditional condition set in the "layout" tab of the object properties). Or, sometimes when you make a selection and return to a previous tab, the objects on that tab with conditional show are shown improperly (their location or whether they should be visible or not).

      Again, the strange thing is that this phenomenon only occurs on an application hosted on the Access Point, never in the development .qvw version. This problem is hampering our ability to distribute our production application to our clients. [:S]

      We use QV version 8.50.6326 and the IE Plugin.