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    How to access qvw files with automatic login through access point



      I have installed QVW files in Qlikview web server and able to access applications through qlikview access point(through web).

      I have used section Access in the QVW file and it is working fine.


      It is working as follows


      1.Access point will prompt for user name and password to connect to qlikview webserver. Then user will provide the credentials and once it is authenticated then he can able to see the QVW files(applications) for which he has the access.

      2. User tries to open the QVW file (section access enabled). it  will prompt for user name and password.Once it is provided it will show the data accordingly.


      Here my question is when user enters accesspoint (url path), server should not ask user credential to connect to qlikview webserver. It should be shown the applications directly. When user tries to open application then only it should promprt user name & password.


      Please help me on this.


      Thanks & Regards,

      naga srinivas