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    How to total all other records in Qlikview?

    Simon Angland

      Hi, I have a Qlikview chart which is a General Ledger Trial Balance listing (two columns accountNo and balance). Each account has a correct balance, except one account for "Profit". This account has no transaction data, because the source system only calculates it when required. So in my qlikview report  it also needs to be calculated from the sum of the balances on other rows.

      eg =sum({$<accountNo -= {'10.00.1500.03'} >} accountAmount) - but this give the total for each account, except the specified account.

      eg =sum({1}accountAmount) - is still returning the value for the dimension/account code.

      eg =sum(TOTAL accountAmount) - is returning zero even though sum(accountAmount) has a value for each account.

      I would prefer the report to balance to zero, like every good Trial Balance should, but currently the report total is the profit figure.

      If I can get the same figure appearing against each account, being the sum of all transactions, I can work with this.

      Can set analysis do this ?