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    Store a file with a relative path

      Hello everyone,


      When I extract data from file with a relative path, I use this syntax :






      I would like to do something like that when I store a qvd.


      Currently I am using a variable :


      Let QVD_Path ='D:\Qlikview_Data\QVD\';


      and then in the code : STORE OneTable into $(QVD_Path)QVD_all\OneTable.qvd;


      So, I would like to use as well "../.." because when I move my application somewhere else the variable QVD_Path doesn't have the same value. And I don't want to change it each time I move my application.


      I've tried STORE  into  ..\..\QVD\QVD_all\OneTable.qvd


      But it doesn't work...


      In the same folder, I have a folder "Extract" that contains my application and I have a folder "QVD" which contains the stored tables.


      Thank you for your help