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    Display 2 charts about same field with different value in one sheet

      Hello all,


      I'm new to Qlik and i have a problem, maybee very easy to solve for you, but I don't find answers on the Web...

      I want to display 2 charts about same field with different value in one sheet. I explain :


      I have a datasource which looks like this example :


      Indicator           Value                Date

      I1                         50               01/01/2014

      I2                         60               01/01/2014

      I3                         30               01/01/2014

      I1                         53               01/02/2014

      I2                         52               01/02/2014

      I3                         78               01/01/2014

      ...                         ...                         ...


      On a single sheet, i wan't to display :

           - one chart about indicator I1

           - one (other) chart about indicator I2


      I know i can display one chart, and change the value of my indicator using a filter, but it's really important for me to view all indicators on the same sheet.


      Maybee on way would be to link a filter with a chart, is it possible ?

      Maybee there is an other way using expressions...



      Thanks for your help,