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    How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

      Hi All,

      Just for a while I was just thinking which is the best of BI tool that is running in the current market. To be frank to whomsoever I spoke about QlikView most of them told that I never heard such tool and they all said that Oracle's (OBIEE) is the best which is currently running in the market.

      Though I am very much happy with the way qlikview works, but is it the one everyone is looking in the market. Many of them shared their experience about OBIEE, Cognos and many more. But all those people said that they were never aware of tool called QlikView in the market.

      May be because of my less experience with qlikview and BI my opinion may also be wrong.

      But are we in right path choosing qlikview for our BI? If yes let know how good is qlikview when compared to other tools like OBIEE, cognos and etc.

      Hope people who have experience in using various tools for their BI can give good opinion here for me as well as for others also.

      Thanks and Regards,



        • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

          Hi dsjain,

          As per my knowledge Qlikview is one of the most successfull BI tool current trend. Because it is very user friendly, installaion is in seconds of time, Learning qlikview for new guys in hours(Basics) and like so many advantages are there..




          • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

            In my experience so far you should see with QlikView that:

            It is cheaper

            The knowledge required for scripting can sometimes be found in a 'power user' and they can get reasonable results without the need of a pure technical developer.

            The engine allows for "on-the-fly-drilldown" over a huge amount of data, no need to define the path for exploration.

            Time to live is way below that of other tools - I see BO developers struggle with promotion of code through environments; with the QVW its normally a case of a change to the database connection string, a single file copy for the qvw to the production QVS and you're away.

            There is very little user training required - 5 minutes is about it, and that is simply telling them that they can click of stuff and data they know will turn green, white or grey.

            Having a Cognos developer ask you to do an 'aggr' plus a rank() on other (set analysis) data because he cannot do it in Cognos is a win.

            The look on DBA's faces when they take the database server offline and the QlikView report still works.... whilst other traditional BI solutions that rely upon a live link fall over in a heap.

            Performance issues are always down to the QlikView developer- the only time you can blame a DBA is when the Load is very slow - again no live link to the database means all of that lovely selection power is self contained to QlikView... you won't ever hear a QV Developer blaming operational performance on an overloaded database.

            Other solutions do not come anywhere close when combining multiple sources of data. I've just witnessed a DBA struggling with a file loader. Loading files in QV is so trivial, doing that over 1000 files is easy.. combine that with people data from HR and costs from Finance... easy! Forget spending weeks in BODI defining transformation.

            Less hardware- 1 big server please. Or just 1 server ;) We don't need a rhealm of servers for each environment, more database servers to run tranformations and another server for presentation layer. Of course QV will scale for those deployments... but that is the point - it can be as big or small as you need; initial cost is very low to get the good benefits.

            Popularity is an issue however that is always going to be the case with visionary technology. I regularly compete against Cognos, BO/SAP, Hyperion/Oracle, Microsoft.... QlikView wins in so many areas.

            To sum it up - I have time to write this post whilst I am still waiting for data to be put into a traditional datawarehouse (which I wish they'd just let me point QV at!!)



            • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

              Hi Jain,

              You have initiated this topic. Well i'm also trying to know the pros and cons faced by the person who use QV.

              The advantage of using QV is, if we export a report which has more that 65 536 rows into xls sheet it will be exported to sheet 1, sheet2. Hope you can understand this.

              The Disadvantage is if we try to load lots of data, some time due to system memory and CPU usage the report runs slow even i get "out of virtual memory".

              These problem is faced by me in QV v8.5.

              I also use Cognos for analysis (analysis studio). The problem in QV while loading the data is not observed in cognos, sine they have restricition to view only 9999 rows of data's. Others can be viewed after exporting into file.



                • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

                  Our company has had experiance with cognos. We did a re-evaluation of the two tools a few months back and decided to stick with qlikview. The capabilities and the low overhead to get the app platform running is why we chose it again.


                  Cognos requires significant more man power and resources then qlikview does to get rolling.

                  Qlikview is an new tool in the US and is growing significantly.

                    • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!
                      John Witherspoon

                      I have no direct experience with other BI tools, so I can't tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each tool based on personal experience. For a hopefully-unbiased comparison of some of the available BI tools, you can look at some of the links in the resource library, such as the "Gartner Research Report: 2010 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms". It was an interesting read.


                      Looks like the "Aberdeen Axis for BI/Performance Management, 2009" might also be interesting, but I haven't read it yet.


                      And QlikTech may pick and choose what they put in their resource library, which could introduce intentional or unintentional bias. So you may want to do some searching elsewhere to see if the message is consistent with what you see here.

                        • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

                          Hello All,

                          I have heard from many that Oracle's OBIEE is integrated with other BI tools such as hypherion, siebel, cognos and etc. Because of this they all told that it is already the best of BI in the current market and there wont be any future for qlikview in the coming days.

                          I am not sure whether i got the right message or not. If any one heard the same or feel that it is wrong then please share your experience here.

                          Thanks and Regards,



                            • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!
                              Michael Solomovich


                              No matter how good Oracle is - there is no such thing is "the best solution for all situations". Oracle requires extensive (and expensive) infrastructure, while QlikView does not. If the infrustructure is already in place, then it probably makes sense to consider Oracle BI. Or maybe not - it depends on the specific requirements. I know companies that use Oracle, but QlikView is the BI tool of choice.
                              I doubt that it could be a situation where it would be reasonable to build infrastructure - that is equipment, licenses specialists - only for BI purposes when it would be way less expensive to use QlikView.

                              • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!
                                John Witherspoon


                                dsjain wrote:I have heard from many that Oracle's OBIEE is integrated with other BI tools such as hypherion, siebel, cognos and etc. Because of this they all told that it is already the best of BI in the current market and there wont be any future for qlikview in the coming days.

                                Every software vendor would have you believe that their software is the best, and that all other software vendors will soon be driven out of the market completely. It has never been true. It will never be true.

                                That's not to say that Oracle isn't a great product, though frankly, my understanding from a friend that works with it is that Oracle isn't a great product. It's OK, but not great. It's just another ERP. It's just another piece of software. It's just another competitor in an open market.

                                Now, if I'm remembering correctly, Oracle bought Hyperion and is bundling it with their software. If so, I suspect there is now much less reason for new Oracle users to also buy QlikView. But there are a lot of companies already using QlikView with Oracle who are happy with their implemenation and are unlikely to change. There are probably a few companies who will buy QlikView to use with new Oracle implementations. And most importantly, not every shop uses Oracle. We don't use Oracle, so besides mere intellectual curiosity, I couldn't care less which BI tool Oracle bundles with their software. It is completely irrelevant to me.

                            • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!
                              Mihai Petcu

                              We've got both presentations (IBM's Cognos and QlikTech's QlikView) firstly and decided to purchase QlikView for that main considerent that you've described above.

                              More man power, resources and money spent on training, for Cognos implementation.

                              But, i remember, from the Cognos presentation, one nasty thing: if you make a report and want the user to "Drill-Down", you must build again the same report, but at the drilled-down level and connect them. Something like that. Disgraceful, if not stupid.

                              As for QlikView, it has one major shortcoming (from my point of view): you can't make a select (load) from more than 2 tables residing in memory at some point in time. That's making loading data into QlikView a step-by-step process and that's time consuming.


                              As for the words of priase, i've got only for QlikView, but not because it's better. It's the only one i've touched.

                          • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

                            My company is right in the middle of an ERP implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. In addition we're leveraging Demantra for demand planning and ASCP (An Oracle EBS product) for forecasting. Interesting enough all of these products are from Oracle so quite naturally we took a hard look at OBIEE and initially decided it would be the way to go assuming there would be very tight integration with all the other Oracle products we were purchasing. However, the reality is, while OBIEE is a very good collection of tools, it's a beast from a support perspective and we just didn't have the available IT resources to support this more "traditional" bi platform. Cost was a factor as well as we would have been all in at about $2 million. This included software which by the way was quite cheap and implementation estimates from our consulting partner which made up the lions share of this amount.

                            We came across Qlikview and quickly realized that for my company this is probably all we really need. After speaking to and getting reassurance from several QlikTech customers we entered into a proof of concept which basically sealed the deal. There are several points where QlikView trumps the competion:

                            1. Time to value (nothing on the market today will get you answering your tough business questions quicker)

                            2. User adoption (developer and end user)

                            3. Initial cost (hardware can be expensive depending upon your data needs)

                            4. Much reduced reliance on IT (huge advantage)


                            With QlikTech's pending IPO, they are about to become mainstream very quickly. Don't be surprised if one of the big boys (Oracle perhaps) decides to eliminate the competition and buys this company and puts it under the Oracle umbrella.

                            • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

                              We are now redefining our BI strategy and are using two platforms:

                              - QlikView 9

                              - OBIEE 11g. I remark we are using "11g" version which, form my point of view, is much more user - friendly than previous ones

                              Our experience says those tools are not comparable, as they perform for different purposes:

                              - QlikView user experience is really, really great when applied to analytic bi scenarios. Nevertheless, from IT perspective, there are some aspects to improve for large deployments: metadata management, collaboration, user management, reporting, ...

                              - OBIEE user experience is not so good, but performs very well for traditional bi scenarios, such us reporting. From IT perspective is very good and scalable. From our point of view, performs very well in performance management and financials scenarios.

                              Difficult decission then... Would be nice if next releases of QlikView improve server functionalities related to large deployments or if OBIIEE would have such a tool... In fact, we are thinking in integrating both worlds as much as possible:

                              - common LDAP

                              - common Data Warehouse, at least the foundation layer

                              - ...

                              Do you have some ideas or experiences related to this integration??? or integrating QlikView into large BI and DWH platforms???



                                • Re: How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

                                  Hi Julio,


                                  It's been quite a while since you posted this. Can you provide your experience with OBIEE and Qlikview/Qliksense integration? Pros and cons or what is the scenario where either one of them makes a good choice over the other one.

                                  Can we utilize OBIEE's security model into Qlik and OBIEE's data model into Qlik?


                                  We are in the same phase as you were and your inputs will be really valuable to us.





                                • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!
                                  Dinesh Thoniparambil

                                  In my view OBIEE is the worst BI product I have experienced. Granted I have not used the recently released 11g version, but I used the 10g version for the past 2 years and all the time I was wishing that I could go back to business objects which I had used in my past. That is until I discovered QlikView. If I now have to rank the 3 tools which I have used in the past 10 years, OBIEE will get a score of 2, business objects 5 & QlikView 10.


                                  The biggest disadvantage which I see in OBIEE is that it needs a star schema or a make-believe star schema at the meta-data level. Its not a user friendly tool at all. Even from an IT developer perspective, it takes a whole lot to make sure that the rpd is correct. I personally did not like the repository being file based (especially coming from Oracle).


                                  I am so glad that I finally switched over from OBIEE to QlikView.


                                  Good Luck,


                                    • How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

                                      We recently installed OBIEE 11g to our sandbox environment, but it was like walking through 'hell'!

                                      I have experience with QV server installation&configuration and it's like one max 2 hrs, but with OBIEE it took 2 weeks installations and configurations (for 'first' experience administrator). There is so many manuall variables you have to set up in enviroment. The obiee isn't after installation running as a service (one would expect it, after all it's server installation) but as a separate Java windows. So when you logg of it runs down. And there is lot of small annoyng steps (often manual and solution can be found on forums) to make it running.

                                      Anyway the price policy is far away from QV: see oracle shop.

                                      But I must admint that the visual look of OBIEE 11g is much nicer than previous 10g and can be seen even the dynamic behaviour.

                                      In comparison to QV 10, the QV is now fully suitable for enterprise solutions.

                                    • Re: How good is QlikView when compared to other tools!

                                      Hi All

                                      Recently i have encountered an requirement where

                                      My user wants to get output based on his input values and it is not possible with the help of qlikview and is possible in Cognos


                                      When the user entered value is my base data and there is a lot of calculation on top of this user entered data qlikview is no where giving solution in this case


                                      I lost my credibility today. Because of this requirement.