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    Call centre mapping

    john gu

      Hi all,


      I am new to QV.


      I have tried this for few days.


      However, I couldn't complete this from the top to bottom.


      basically, I would like to map phone call records with sales order based on call operator and time stamp.


      (call Operator can't accept 2 different calls at the same time.)


      here is the sample.


      call record

      Call  Start timeCall End timeOperator
      29/10/2014 15:512014-10-29 16:10:00John Smith
      29/10/2014 15:5129/10/2014 16:02Jim Parker
      29/10/2014 16:142014-10-29 16:18:00John Smith


      sales order

      Order IDCreated timeOperator
      SD12329/10/2014 16:01John Smith
      SD12429/10/2014 16:01Jim Parker


      In this senario, first call needs to be mapped with Order-SD123


      second call - SD124 and last call should have no order against it.


      Can any one pleas give me an idea how i can resolve this?


      any comment will be valuable.



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          Sergey Makushinsky






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            anbu cheliyan

            Use Alt and multiple timestamp formats according to your input



            Load OrderID,Timestamp#(Createdtime,'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm') As Createdtime,Operator Inline [


            SD123,2014-10-29 16:01,John Smith

            SD124,2014-10-29 16:01,Jim Parker ];




            Load Timestamp#(CallStarttime,'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm') As CallStarttime,Timestamp#(CallEndtime,'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm') As CallEndtime,Operator Inline [


            2014-10-29 15:51,2014-10-29 16:10,John Smith

            2014-10-29 15:51,2014-10-29 16:02,Jim Parker

            2014-10-29 16:14,2014-10-29 16:18,John Smith];


            INNER JOIN (SalesOrder)

            IntervalMatch (Createdtime,Operator) Load CallStarttime,CallEndtime, Operator Resident CallRecord;


            Join (SalesOrder) Load * Resident CallRecord;


            Drop Table CallRecord;