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    Labelling of X-axis based on number of results


      as a QV beginner I am wondering how I can label the x-axis based on the number of e.g. test results. Example: I have 30 test results to display, so the x-axis should be labelled from 1 to 30. In Excel this works as simple as creating a line chart with only one variable. The numbering from 1 to 30 is done automatically.

      In QV I only managed to display the test results by giving each individual result a fixed number, say number 1 to 30. However, this does not work for further filtering.

      If above example of test results is filtered to show only values below 50, the outcome is 13 test results. Thus my chart should display 13 consecutive test results, labelled from 1 to 13. Please see excel example attached, sheet unfiltered and sheet filtered.


      I guess there is a very simple solution for this problem, however I did not find it yet. Would be great if someone could help me with the right function or formula for this problem. Thanks!