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    Problem in straight table with “expression total” and “sum of rows” options

      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem with the straight table options “expression total” and “sum of rows”. I have the straight table below:

      Sans titre.png

      In the properties, I select “expression total” but I don’t know what this result means because it is really different from the real total.


      Sans titre.png

      When I select the option “sum of rows”, I get the correct result.

      Sans titre.png


      Sans titre.png

      So I’d like to know what is the “expression total” trying to calculate? How do I interpret the result it gives me? Normally it should total my column (so the sum of the column) but it doesn’t.


      Then if I want to get the sum of rows in a text object, when I use my expression I get the “expression total” instead of the "sum of rows"


      Sans titre.png

      and I want to get the "sum of rows"  97188 in my text object. How do I fix this?


      I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me why there is a difference?


      Many thanks,