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    Problems using NTNAME

    Alecsandru Bucur

      I'm trying to change the way user log on in QlikView.

      Until now they had a user name and password which i stored in an excel file with separate sheets for each script . In each file i had something like this :

      Section Access;
      Load [USERID],
      CODSUCURSALA as CodSucursala,
      FROM E:\QlikAUX\Drepturi\useri.xls (biff, embedded labels, table is [retete$]);

      We now have Active Directory in our company and i want to integrate it in QlikView so that a user, after login can open the QlikView files he has access to without entering an user+password. I also want them to be able to acces QlikView from different computers in the network as long as they use their AD user. So i need to use NTNAME instead of USERID and PASSWORD.

      I tried to make a test file in which to load inline data and see if it works. This is what i used:

      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [
      *, *, QLIK\Alecs, *, USER

      But it doesn't work. When i try Open in server, it freezees and after 30 sec it says 'Failed to open document'. I can't figure out what i did wrong. The domain name is VELPITAR and my user name is alecsandru.bucur and the server version in 9.0.7320.7 on an Windows 2008 x64 R2.

      I used uppercase letters, i tried without USERID and PASSWORD, in the server i denied anonymous access, i tried it with both star is *; and star is;

      If anyone could post an working example of Section Access with NT Authetication, it would be great. I have to make this work by Monday :(

      10x in advance


        • Problems using NTNAME


          Din pacate ceea ce vrei tu sa faci, si anume integrarea cu AD nu functioneaza asa, este nevoie de un USERID si PASSWORD indiferent daca folosedti NTNAME sau nu :


          "QlikView will compare the QlikView serial number with the field SERIAL, the Windows

          NT User name and groups with NTNAME, the Windows NT Domain SID with

          NTDOMAINSID and the Windows NT SID with NTSID. It will further prompt for

          User ID and Password and compare these with the fields USERID and PASSWORD"

          Practic NTNAME, NTSID si restul sunt parametrii suplimentari care se asigura ca un user nu poate deschide aplicatia in afara companiei (de pe un alt comp) chiar daca stie parola si user-ul (in acelasi scop poate fi folosit si SN de la licenta).

          Se poate folosi autentificarea prin AD dar pentru asta ar trebui facute distributii ale aplicatiei pentru utilizatori.

          Daca ai nevoie de ajutor nu ezita sa ma contactezi.

          George Savu



          • Problems using NTNAME
            Alecsandru Bucur

            I finally solved the problem.

            I used the following code

            Section Access;
            LOAD [ACCESS],
            [E:\QlikAUX\Drepturi\useri-ntname.xls](biff, embedded labels, table is HR$);

            CODSUCURSALA is a field i use to give user partial acces to data.