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    Qlikview bookmarks

      Hi All,


      I have a situation with the bookmarks.


      User 1 created 20 bookmarks and shared them with User 2. After a day, user 2 cannot see the bookmarks. If user 1 removes the share from one bookmark and shares it again with user 2, user 2 then gets all 20 bookmarks. This scenario happens with all users that User 1 is sharing the bookmarks with.


      How can this be fixed? Are there any settings that I can look at?




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          Adding a Bookmark Object


          When using QlikView, we invariably come across some selections that we want to return to at a later time. We can create a bookmark by using the menu (Bookmarks | Add Bookmark), using the toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl + B. Another option is the Bookmark Object. This object lets us create and remove bookmarks from within the worksheet space.

          Let's add a bookmark object to our Dashboard sheet by following these steps:

          1. Right-click anywhere on the worksheet and select New Sheet Objects | Bookmark Object.
          2. Enter Bookmarks into the Title input box.
          3. Mark the Show Remove Button checkbox.
          4. Under Button Alignment, select Vertical.
          5. Click on OK to create the bookmark object.