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    Could not connect to the Qlikview Server message

    Ismail Baygin


      Hi guys,
      We have upgraded one of our QV servers from SR2.7320 to SR3.7440.
      After the installation, we lost access to QVS Settings tab and other qvs related tabs.
      After a while we enter the Qlikview Server Settings tab in QMC, we receive "Could not connect to the Qlikview Server" message.
      We applied a clean reinstall including deleting registry entries and the whole Qlikview directories.
      But the result didn't change.
      Also, we have lost access to Qlikview Server properties under Setup - > QV Servers in QEMC.
      It seems to us Management Service can not contact with Qlikview Server Service.
      The service account which is responsible for running QV services is a local admin and a member of Qlikview Administrators group.
      We also tried to set a new XML repository by deleting XML rep folders and restarting services to recreate them.
      What would be the main reason of not being able to access QV Server properties by using the consoles?
      What prevents Management service to access QVS although we have done a clean reinstall?
      Any ideas?
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