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    Qlik Sense Mapping and County KML

    Boris Tyukin

      I am trying to load County KML file Cartographic Boundary KML Files - Counties - Geography - U.S. Census Bureau to Sense and there is a problem with it.


      If you just drop that KML file to Qlik Sense, the county is identified by its name:


      2014-11-28 15_32_57-Qlik Sense Desktop.png


      this is a problem because there duplicated by county name. It is not a Qlik Sense issue - census people really should have been used FIPS code instead but the question I have for you guys if it is possible somehow to use other attributes from KML file. They do have FIPS code in there, but it is rather recorded under GEOID note not NAME:


      <SimpleData name="GEOID">12095</SimpleData>

      <SimpleData name="NAME">Orange</SimpleData>