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    Use the value of a field to select a field in set analysis

    Kristof Jacobs



      I created a data island and the only field (A) contains other fields as values (field1 & field2). Field1 and field2 are in the model.


      I use field A as a dimension in a chart.


      Now I want to use the values of dimension A in my set analysis.

      Something like this: count( {< (value of field A) = {1}>} distinct CustomerID) .


      And it gets more complicated.

      Field1 & field2 aren't actually fields in my model. But these field are in my model:

      • Customer_field1
      • Customer_field2
      • Group_field1
      • Group_field2

      With avariable I can resolve this and I tried something like this:


      count( {< $(vCustomer_or_GroupID)&'_'&field A = {1}>} distinct $(vCustomer_or_GroupID)

      (remember, I used field A as a dimension.)


      I want to create something that an enduser can switch easily between CustomerID or GroupID.

      Where a GroupID contains several CustomerID's.


      This doesn't  work. Due to the complexity of the dashboard I can't make large changes in the script. And the dashboard generates data for other dashboard as well. The impact would be too large.


      Any suggestions?