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    Multibox Resize Issue



      I'm attempting to resize a multibox and seem to be restricted with the width of the whitespace around the drop down arrow. In the image below I'm unable to size the whitespace any thinner than this

      Is this intended? If nothing else, I'd ideally like to at least have the arrow centered in the whitespace rather than aligned to the right, is that possible?

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          Sunny Talwar

          Do it without the border and white will merge with the white background (i.e. if you have a white background)



          I know of no way to do what you are looking for. Somebody else might be able to help.




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              Thank you, I originally had the display like this but now require the border around the multibox. A workaround was to use a text box with the orange border and place it appropriately, however this placement looks off in the webview


              If I could accomplish this using the multibox's borders or if it's possible to center the drop down arrow that would be ideal