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    Dimension to show values based on Current Week Value

      Hello QlikView Community!


      I have been working to create a table that lists employees with the count of their sales and if they have no sales then I still want their name to show up with no value, null or 0.  I haven't been successful yet,


      I have attached a dashboard with a sample of my data. 


      How can I create straight table where the Employee field shows value based upon the current week from my [HR Payroll Week] field?

      My original dashboard has a table a historical table of employees with a period weed ending date.  I always want to show the latest week of employees in the dimension of my straight table.  But I also want the dimension to ignore whenever I filter on a date that is associated with the Transaction (TransDate) and (Business Week).  The Business Week is built off the TransDate.


      Any help would be so appreciated.  Thanks!