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    how to restrict dimension best practice?

      good day!


      I've got 3 mln rows in fact table and 200 rows in dimension table "balance_dim" linking by sort of account field

      I want to make a sheet in my app dedicated to "loans" from whole "balance_dim"


      "loans" are only 80 rows from 200 rows of "balance_dim", and I do not want  users see unneeded rows in filter


      Is it normal to make one more dimension "loans_dim" with 80 rows in it and use it, and how about 4-5 dimensions like this, e.g. "deposits_dim" or "P&L_dim"


      Please, help me!


      In MS PowerPivot I can make disconnected table, and use it as a slicer, directly coding how table/chart should respond when user clicks something in a slicer


      thank you!