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    How to connect data into groups

    Jason Koczeniak

      Hi Everyone,


      So first off I would like to say that this is one of the best user communities that I have ever used and I want to thank everyone for their continued help and assistance.  Hopefully one day I will be able to pay it back by answering some questions, but for now I am a newbie and still need some help. 


      At my company we have a couple different business segments and then under those segments they are assigned a sub-segment that could be the same but in some cases is different than the segment itself.  Further under that there is region, country and then the actual site which is the most granular point.  Most of my data is coming in at the Site level and I need to find a way to map the site level all the way up the mapping to the other groups.  This issue that I am having is that I am getting the same results for multiple sites when I select them and I believe that it is because of the mapping table just grouping everything together. 


      So my question to you is how can I create a one way hierarchy in QlikView?  So that the Site roll up to the Segment and everything in between but the relationships do not go the other way and the data still remains segregated.  See below for an example of my current mapping table. 


      For instance if I use this as a "Location" table and tie my other tables into the "Site" or "OU" column and then I create a chart and select "DFW" I then also receive all the data that is from CRP and GIOS.  I would appreciate some guidance with this one.